Grapefruitoriginals: pictures that talk!

Hi! Looking for an original drawing, illustration, painting or photo? Based on fantasy or reality? Colourful or black& white? Take a look at my portfolio!

But let me introduce myself first: my name is Rokkea Agarouj and I was born and raised in Friesland or Frisia. At the end of 2015 I made the decision to concentrate on the development of my creative talents. This was after years of working in the businessworld as a.o. a marketingmanager and owner of a fair trade and organic goods store.

Since then I have focused mainly on making illustrations and drawings, but also paintings and photos. My portfolio here, will give you a good idea of my style.


I am currently investigating the best way to sell my illustrations and photographs (to private persons – so apart from those for publishing purposes). As soon as I have found one or more, I will communicatie them on the website.

You can find the price for the paintings that are for sale in their description.


If you are interested to see what I can do for you or if you have another reason to contact me, please fill in the contactform and you will hear from me as soon as possible! You can also mail me at

Kind regards,

Rokkea Agarouj