GrapefruitOriginals: pictures that talk!

Since the beginning of time, pictures have been used to express ideas, thoughts and feelings.  And why not? Pictures oftentimes are more adequate in conveying a message than a thousand words ever could. And the beauty of a picture is, that it doesn’t matter which language you speak to understand its meaning!

I will gladly help you express your ideas in my own unique style. Whether you are looking for original illustrations, paintings or photos, that are either based on fantasy or reality and colourful or black & white, you came to the right place!  Take a look at my portfolio to get an idea of  what you can expect.


If you are interested to see what I can do for you or if you have another reason to contact me, please fill in the contactform and you will receive a reply as soon as possible! You can also mail me at


Kind regards,

Rokkea , GrapefruitOriginals