People say that they can  tell if an illustration is mine. For me, that is a wonderful compliment as it means that I have succeeded in creating my own style. 

Depending on the intricacy and the measurements of a drawing, it takes several hours to finish one. The amount of time and energy I spend on my illustrations, is evident in the end result. At least, I hope so!

Although I mostly draw with pens and pencils, I also use illustration software. This is usually to produce different versions of my illustrations (e.g. different colouring) or to add a frame. 


Note: On this website all my work has been resized to a smaller version and they also have the GrapefruitOriginals logo. This is purely for protection against unwanted use (which unfortunately happens quite often…)



In these drawings I have used predominantly stripes to do the lines and or the colouring. It’s a bit like pointillism, but I use stripes instead of dots or points. I suppose you might call it ‘stripeyism’!




My portraits are not of real people; they only exist in my imagination, the place where all my work is born…



Birds, flowers, trees, animals; they’re all equally wonderful and a pure pleasure to use as an inspiration for my illustrations.




Plants, Flowers, Trees